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    Carpet Shampoo


    Carpet Shampoo can be used on your carpets or upholstery to remove ground-in dirt and dust. Can be used both hand-wash and machine wash to loosen and lift away even…

    • Sizes: 1L, 2L
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  • Floorbright 750ml small

    Floorbright (for vinyl floors)


    A dry to shine floor polish. Just pour on and spread evenly, no buffing required. Can be used on all floor types except unsealed wood and cork.

    • Sizes: 2L, 5L, 750ml
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  • Strippex

    Strippex (floor stripper)


    Removes polish build-up and heavy grime from vinyl and tiles. Also removes oil deposits on brick and asphalt driveways.

    • Sizes: 2L, 750ml
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  • Tilex 750ml

    Tilex (ceramic tile cleaner)


    A floor and wall tile cleaner for ceramic and linoleum tiles that does not leave a sticky residue. Can also be used on terracotta, marble and sealed wood.

    • Sizes: 750ml
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