Quotes Outside the Western Cape

Steps to follow when placing a quote:

Quotes for customers out of Western Cape

  1. Please EMAIL cd1@sparkle.co.za or SMS or WhatsApp to 082 873 5386 your order to MATTHEW with your name or account number, and physical address
  2. A quotation will then be sent to you along with Sparkle Products banking details.
  1. The quotation will include courier or postage costs.
  2. Please SMS or WhatsApp the amount you deposited and your name or account number back to Sparkle Products.
  3. After receiving SMS of payment, the money needs to reflect in our bank account which normally takes 24hrs.
  4. The order will then be invoiced and sent through for packing.
  5. Courier orders delivery period + – 5 to 7 working days.
  6. A waybill number will then be sms’d to your cell phone. Please note that the courier company will call when they deliver.
  7. Postage orders the delivery period is+ -7 to 14 working days.
  8. A tracking number for post orders will be sms’d to your cell phone, 5-8 days you should receive a text message that you may collect your parcels at your post office. Please produce the tracking number to the teller. If you do not collect your parcels within 30 days the post office will send it back to us you will then be held liable for the postage costs.
  9. You may arrange your own transport for collection, this will omit transport fees. We will then notify you when the order is ready for collection.
  10. Please note that Eastern Cape and Namibia orders will only be processed on weekdays.